Friday, December 30, 2011

Hitting the Stage Again

Co-author of "The Last Original Idea" Alan K'necht will once again take the stage when he delivers the opening keynote address at Socialize Monetizing Social Media in Toronto on January 27, 2012. The theme of his address will be "Past, Present and Future: Measuring Social Media’s Impact".

Rest assured that in his address Alan will be taking attendees on an entertaining ride through the history of social media/marketing and he'll even attempt to measure it.

Alan dropped a hint yesterday by stating he is quoting a Barenaked Ladies song in the presentation. This morning he revealed the song's title "It's All Been Done" (watch the video A simple listen to the chorus says it all

As part of his speaking agreement with the conference organizers, 100 copies of our book "The Last Original Idea" will be given away at the event.

For more information on this event and to register please visit We are also happy to offer a discount code for 15% off the registration price. Simply use the code “SOCSPKR” when registering. While at the event be sure to say hi to Alan and he'll be happy to sign your copy of the book. Co-author, Geri Rockstein, will be attending the event, so say hi to her and she'll also be thrilled to sign your copy of the book as well.

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