Monday, November 7, 2011

Measuring Social Media

Alan K'necht's Keynote at at Dublin City University
Alan is off to his fourth conference in 3.5 weeks to spread the word of how to measure social media & to promote "The Last Original Idea - A Cynic's View of Internet Marketing". His vision & concepts have taken him from San Francisco (Socialize West) to Dublin, Ireland (DCU When Search & Social Collide where every attendee was presented with a copy of the book), to an online presentation (where one participant won a signed copy) and today to PubCon in Las Vegas where he'll be sharing his wisdom this Thursday (Nov 10, 2011) plus 50 copies will be giving away during an after hours event (The Epic Dinner) and he'll be holding a book signing on Thursday afternoon.

Alan has established 3 things he wants people to take away with them after each session  some of which are contained in the book:
  1. Social Media is a tool and what we need to measure is the success of "Social Marketing"! So stop grouping all the tools into one bundle. To be successful you need to measure the importance and success of each tool in your social marketing tool box.
  2. Don't use scoring tools (Klout, PeerIndex, Twitalyzer, etc.) to compare your score to anyone else. They measure how well you are doing in achieving your goals using the the different collection of tools that they attempt to score.
  3. People have been social since the days of the cavemen, and methods of measurement started not much after that. So stop trying to reinvent method and take a look back and apply those time tested methods to your new tools.
Think of how a hammer looked a hundred years ago, a 1,000 years ago and 5,000 years ago. What a hammer is made of and the look has changed, but the goal hasn't "drive a nail into a piece of wood". This analogy is how everyone needs to look at their set of social marketing tool kit (social media), define the goal and objectives and then measure how many nails you have successful driven in using them.

Alan is always happy to speak to groups of a variety of size. Arrange to have Alan give an address your next event contact us.

The next major speaking event on Alan's agenda is the opening Keynote at Socialize: Monetizing Social Media Toronto January 26-27 2012.

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