Sunday, October 3, 2010

Yoga is Now Mainstream

I recently read an article called "The Oversexualization of Yoga". The article is a hew and cry about how advertising Yoga with what are determined to be sexual photos and books and DVDs promoting Yoga as the answer to a better sex life is some how bastardizing the true value of Yoga.

Since the dawn of time man intrinsically understood that sex sells. There are very few industries on the planet that haven't used sex or tried to use sex to sell their wares. Yoga has become a huge business - Yoga studios, Yoga classes, Yoga mats, Yoga clothing, Yoga accessories, Yoga DVDs, etc. - thanks in large part to promises of a great body and better sex.

Critics of the oversexualization of Yoga may resent companies like Lululemon and mainstream America who are embracing Yoga in ever increasing numbers, but there is nothing surprising about the fact that sex sells. In this case sex has taken Yoga from a practice associated with the devoted few who practice Yoga as a religion and
and created a very successful industry, which history would have predicted.

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