Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What's the Price of Spam?

Finally we have a dollar value attached to spam and the magic number is 1 Billion dollars. That's what Adam Guerbuez, a Montreal resident, has been ordered to pay Facebook. It seems that Mr. Guerbuez spammed Facebook users with over 4 million messages promoting a variety of products including medication to treat such conditions as erectile dysfunction and enlarge men's genitals. Although the case is potentially precedent-setter it was a complete and total waste of time because although Mr. Guerbuez may have talent as a spammer, his business skills leave much to be desired. He declared bankruptcy over 2 months ago and the judgment was already deposed as part of the bankruptcy.In fact this whole hooplah has given Adam Guerbuez more free publicity than he could have paid for in his lifetime and he now has a book deal in the works about his case.

As Alan and I discussed in "The Last Original Idea", no one paid any attention to spam until it became the uncontrollable juggernaut that it is today. No laws were put in place to deal with the problems that spam causes and now cases like this are causing knee jerk reactions by the legal system that is spending money to bring monetary judgments against clients that will never be able to pay. Now let's talk jail time!

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