Monday, February 7, 2011

Going the Distance for Charities

Right from the start, The Last Original Idea has supported charitable efforts. We made a commitment to the Toronto Seals Special Olympics Swim club to donate 10% of the books' profits to their effort. Now we’re taking our support for charities to another level.

The Last Original Idea wants to help your favourite charity as well. We are willing to donate $0.75 US per book sold during a designated period to your charity. The concept is simple; add your promotions to our standard promotion and based on the publisher’s monthly sales volume report, we’ll send you a cheque.

To be fair, we can only support 1 charity at a time, so you need to apply and tell us why we should support you, what you are going to do to promote the event, and when you want to run the campaign. Generally sales periods will be 1 or 2 weeks in length, but we can make them longer upon request.

Interested? Then contact us by leaving a comment on this post with your contact details or through the book's website.

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