Monday, August 16, 2010

Original Solutions for Old VHS Tapes

Yes, I know about recycling and I could list all of the places that will recycle your VHS tapes instead of dumping them into a landfill, but that would hardly be original, would it? In my quest for original ideas and original solutions, I have uncovered some original and fun uses for old VHS tapes.

Have some fun crafting with the tape. Have a look at these beautiful objects that were made with your old VHS tape.

Crochet a purse

Make a bracelet

Ribbon for gift wrap

Make flowers that you can use as embellishments.

People are crocheting bags and dresses out of tape, building lamps out of clear cassette cases, weaving fabric using half polyester and half tape, and making wallets out of cases. Don’t throw out the case and the tape spools. They can be put to good use as well. Did you know that you can use the case and tape spools as a mold for chocolates and other goodies, as long as you remember to wash them VERY CAREFULLY? The cases can also be used as serving dishes for finger food.

If you’re not into crafts and still want some ideas of how to get rid of your old VHS tapes, ReUse Connection is an interesting website. If you enter the name of an item it will tell you how people or using it or recycling it.

Do you have any ideas on how to use old VHS tapes?

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